Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Resource - CrowdVoice

CROWDVOICE - Tracking Voices of Protest

CrowdVoice brings together the global community with the topics you care about and want to follow. CrowdVoice is user-powered - the submitted information is chosen and approved by the community. Instead of checking news, video and social networking sites for updates on the issues that matter to you, get your fix in one place and join the crowd by adding information or approving what others already submitted.

CrowdVoice is a project by, an independent grassroots digital network that leverages the power of new media to facilitate our struggle against oppression in the Middle East and North Africa. We're driven by our passion for civil engagement, freedom of speech, and employing innovative solutions to pervasive and persistent human problems.

Crowded Voice - Voices in Protest

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